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Professional TrainingCompetitive SwimmingSynchro (Artistic) Swimming
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Professional training is offered to swimmers over 6 years old and all abilities are catered for, from skill development through to National Qualifiers
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Warriors of Warrington is a competitive swimming club and all members are encouraged to compete in both internal and external galas.
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Synchronised (Artistic) swimming combines swimming with dance and gymnastics. Perfect for the recreational or competitive artistic swimmers.
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 Membership Registration for 2018

Membership registration for 2018 is well underway and as of 17th January 87% of existing members have registered. If you have yet to register please do so ASAP to avoid a£25 late payment fee.

Warrington Warriors is administrated by a small committee of volunteers, the membership secretary requires the most up to date information to register your child on the Swim England portal.  The deadline for Swim England has been brought forward and the club must have all registrations at the latest by Wednesday 25th of January.  Unfortunately without this registration the club will be unable to process internal and external gala entries (and your child will be unable to attend training sessions) as the registration also provides insurance for your child.

All external gala organisers will check the Swim England system for valid registrations, if you have entered your child into a gala from 1st January 2018, the external club may reject your entry.

All members registered on Swim Manager will have received information on how to re-register. Please contact sitemanager@swimwarriors.org.uk if you have not received this.

Email domain name change

Warriors emails are changing their domain name from wowsc.org.uk to swimwarriors.org.uk. Please address all emails to the new domain. For example, sitemanager@wowsc.org.uk is now sitemanager@swimwarriors.org.uk. Emails with wowsc.org.uk domnain names will be discontinued by end of January 2018.

Mailing list information for Hotmail and Yahoo users

If you have a hotmail.co.uk (Microsoft) or yahoo.co.uk email address you may be having problems receiving mailing list emails. Unfortunately mailing list policies by these providers mean that these issues are largely out of our control.

As these email domain addresses are legacy addresses (no longer available to new users) I would strongly suggest one of the following actions.

  • •  Yahoo.co.uk users  create a new yahoo.com account and link both accounts.
  • •  Hotmail.co.uk users create a new outlook.com account and link both accounts.

Both yahoo.com and outlook.com accounts are currently working with the new mailing list. 

  • •  Create a new account with a different email provider and link this to your yahoo or hotmail account. 

For example, a Gmail account can be linked to a Yahoo.com account. 

Linking accounts allows emails from both accounts to be viewed from a single App, email client or web mail interface. 

Warriors is a competitive swimming club based in Warrington, Cheshire, UK with over 250 swimming members. Swimmers over 6 years old and of all abilities are catered for from skill development through to National Qualifiers following national guidance for the development of competitive swimmers.

Visit LiveWire

Warriors of Warrington in partnership with LiveWire’s Swim Training Scheme aims to co-ordinate a structured development programme for swimmers aged 6 years and upward who show potential, and promote opportunities for their journey to the highest level in competitive swimming and synchronised swimming (artistic swimming).

Creating Champions

The club has produced swimmers who have have:

  • •  broken British Age group records
  • •  been British Age Group Champions
  • •  represented Scotland at the 2014 Commonwealth Games
  • •  represented Britain at European and World Championships
  • •  won medals at the 2016 European Championships

and been selected for:

  • •  British Swimming English Talent Programmes
  • •  2012 and 2016 Olympic Podium Potentials Scheme
  • •  British Swimming Podium Programme for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.


Warriors welcomes swimmers with disabilities and provides a supportive and inclusive environment to develop their skills and how to apply or exemptions and classifications required for competitions.