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Professional training is offered to swimmers over 6 years old and all abilities are catered for, from skill development through to National Qualifiers
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Warriors of Warrington is a competitive swimming club and all members are encouraged to compete in both internal and external galas.
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Synchronised swimming combines swimming with dance and gymnastics. Perfect for the recreational or competitive artistic swimmers.
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Are you a swimmer looking for an exciting and competitive team sport? Warriors of Warrington Water Polo squad is looking for new members.
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Warriors is a competitive swimming club based in Warrington, Cheshire, UK with over 250 swimming members. Swimmers over 6 years old and of all abilities are catered for from skill development through to National Qualifiers following national guidance for the development of competitive swimmers.

Warriors welcomes swimmers with disabilities and provides a supportive and inclusive environment to develop their skills and how to apply or exemptions and classifications required for competitions.

Warriors of Warrington in partnership with LiveWire’s Swim Training Scheme aims to co-ordinate a structured development programme for swimmers aged 6 years and upward who show potential, and promote opportunities for their journey to the highest level in competitive swimming, synchronised swimming and water polo.

The club has produced British Age group records, British Age Group Champions and Swimmers who have joined British Swimming English Talent Programs, including the 2012 Olympic Potentials Scheme.

Warriors Group Trials

Please note the dates for swimmers who currently swim in any of the following Warriors Groups to trial for move ups:

Development Group Orford
Development Group Broomfield’s
Development Group Woolston

Please note that Parents who have aspirations of their children competing at County, Regional & National level or above must follow the squad pathway, if they realistically stand any chance of swimming at this level, which is the competitive route for elite level performance in Warrington.

Swimmers who currently swim within squads, do not need to attend any trials. Movements that will take place in September, will be based on the coach’s decision focused around the following areas and swimmers will be contacted direct for any of these movements:

Attendance (e.g. we are looking for swimmers who can attend all sessions in top squads)
Ability (e.g. time based, ability to train well)

Remaining dates for trials:

Mon 24th July 6.50pm Orford
Tue 25th July 6.50pm Orford
Wed 26th July 6.50pm Orford
Thur 27th July 7.50pm Broomfields