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If you have any concerns regarding Child Welfare/Protection, please contact our Welfare Officer Lisa Wigglesworth (see photo) in confidence by emailing welfare@swimwarriors.org.uk. Warriors of Warrington follow the current Child Protection Guidance from the Amateur Swimming Association.  Further details of this policy are available by clicking on the Wave Power logo below. Click on the links below to download our forms:

The following codes of conduct and policies are extracted from Wavepower 2016-19. Wavepower is the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Child Safeguarding Policies and Procedures publication. All members (swimmers) and parents/guardians have to agree and adhere to these. Please contact the Welfare Officer if you have any questions.

In addition all committee members, club officials and volunteers have to agree and adhere to the following.

 swimline  Click on the Swimline logo to find out more on the ASA web site.
 wavepowegreyr Click on the Wave Power logo to go to the ASA web site for their most up to date guidance documents & procedures with regards to safeguarding and child protection.