Hello everyone!  My name is Leanne Maguire and I would like to introduce myself as I have just taken over as the Disability Officer for Warriors Swim Club.  My daughter Adele has limited use in her left arm and has been swimming with Warriors since February last year. Adele is currently in ‘AA’ Squad and doing very well.  I have asked for this message to get out to all members, but please mention it to the people you talk to while watching your youngsters swim as not everyone has use of a computer or thinks to look at all messages. 

At the moment we only have 2 swimmers that have registered having a disability with us as a club.  I wanted to let you know that in swimming and within our club there is the same opportunity to progress and succeed as the able bodied children.  You or your child does not need to consider them disabled.  If there is a medical reason why they cannot do any stroke properly then they can apply for a certificate of exemption.  This simply means that they will not get disqualified when competing.  If they have anything more than a mild impairment then you can go down the route of classification.  This enables you to compete in disability events and compete against other people in your category; this is how you progress to national and international level. 

It is also under review at the moment that some learning impairments may enable swimmers to take part in future Commonwealth Games and Paralympics events and as such it is really important to me and to our club that if you think you may be entitled to the certificate or would like information or help regarding classification that you contact me. 

I can be contacted using the ‘contact us’ e-mail on our website or alternately you can find me at the ‘AA’ squad sessions.  I very much hope to be of help to you and hear from you soon.

Leanne Maguire