Bolton Mini League - Round 2


A 30 strong team from the Warriors of Warrington travelled to the Parr Pool, St. Helens on Sunday afternoon along with teams from St Helens and Ashton Central to take part in the Bolton Mini League, Round 2. The swimmers competed in both relay and individual events in an exciting and fast moving gala.

Warriors immediately laid down the gauntlet, winning 8 of the opening 10 events to take a commanding early lead. The impressive performances continued as team mates excitedly cheered on their cohorts. After 20 events the team had extended their lead even further and the swimmers were clearly in no mood to let up on the competition. Following a final flourish of victories the team ran out comfortable winners having finished first in 19 of the 30 events.

The final scores were Warriors of Warrington - 75 points, St Helens – 51 points and Ashton Central in 3rd place with 47 points.

The competition drew to a close with all three teams sportingly giving each other a rousing three cheers.


Menai AA & B Meet Feb 2011

Warriors of Warrington Swimming Club travelled to Menai over the weekend and despite strong competition, the Warriors did not disappoint, bringing home a total of 52 medals.  24 speeding tickets were also issued and although they might not seem as exciting as a medal, the praise they will receive from their coaches at training is just as rewarding.

The boys medal winners: Baylie Coates (1 gold, 1 bronze, 2 speeding tickets), Dominic Crawley (1 bronze), Thomas Ditchfield (1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 speeding ticket), Tobias Fox (2 silver, 2 speeding tickets), Daniel Fox (1 bronze, 1 speeding ticket), Nathan Hill (1 silver, 4 speeding tickets), Harry Pollock (1 silver, 1 speeding ticket), Thomas Pye (1 silver), Jack Ravenscroft (3 gold, 2 bronze), Niall Rohan (1 silver, 1 speeding ticket), Jonathon Skilling (2 bronze), Luke Turner (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze), Joseph Webb (1 gold).

The girls medal winners: Emily Bowater (1 bronze), Amy Brear (1 gold), Olivia Campbell (1 silver, 2 bronze, 1 speeding ticket), Shannon Campbell (1 gold, 1 silver), Bethan Catchpole (1 silver, 1 bronze), Jessica Dexter (1 bronze), Clare Evans (1 gold, 2 silver), Coral Farrell (1 silver, 2 speeding tickets), Anna Harrison (1 silver, 1 speeding ticket), Fiona Healy (1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 speeding ticket), Lauren-Anne Hicks (1 bronze), Klaudia Kirkpatrick (1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 speeding ticket), Madelaine Marshall (1 gold, 3 speeding tickets), Anya Richardson (1 gold, 1 silver, 2 speeding tickets), Amy Sanderson (1 silver, 1 speeding ticket), Rhea Taylor (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze), Kathryn Thomas (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 speeding ticket).



Liverpool and District Championships 2011 Pt2


Saturday saw the second and final day of the Liverpool and District Championships 2011 for the 53 Warriors of Warrington swimmers that took part.  Bringing home another 83 medals, 43 Golds, 24 Silvers and 16 Bronze, the children made the tally 161 medals overall.  Each 100m event had a final and quite a few of our swimmers qualified.

Michael Ross and Brendan Spencer reached the final of the 100m Backstroke and came 3rd and 7th whilst Bethany Young qualified for the 100m Breaststroke and came 5th.  Again, Michael and Brendan reached the 100m Freestyle final with Michael coming 6th whilst Brendan won the event. 

Rachel Heesom, Catherine Parker, Rebecca Pye, Kathleen Dawson and Aimee Harvey all qualified for the 100m Butterfly final which saw Rebecca collecting another trophy to add to her collection for 1st place.  The other girls came 7th, 5th, 3rd and 4th and we saw Kathleen Dawson achieve an NQT for the event.  Rebecca, Catherine and Kathleen also made the 100m Backstroke final and came 1st, 2nd and 3rd and finally Adam Ravenscroft qualified for the 100m Breaststroke final and finished 3rd

David Richardson and James Ross swam NQT’s in the 400 Freestyle event meaning we now have 8 swimmers who have qualified for 20 events so far for the Nationals.  Bagcat winners included Hollie Byron, 10, Bethany Young and Kathleen Dawson, 13, Hannah Wallis and Leah Evans, 14, Catherine Parker and Aimee Harvey, 15, Rebecca Pye and Rebecca Coy, 16 and for the Boys, William Camden, 9, Hugh Takemoto, 11, Aaron Hill and Oliver Houghton, 12, David Richardson, 13, Ewan Miller and Andrew McLay, 14 and Michael Ross, 15.  Rebecca Pye also won the Top Girl award.



Liverpool and District Championships 2011 Pt 1

This Saturday was the first day of the Liverpool and District Championships 2011 and Warriors of Warrington were well represented by a huge team of 58 swimmers.  For many of them it was their first outing representing their club and they didn’t disappoint.  Ranging from 9 year olds, Baylie Coates, Imogen Young and William Camden to 16 year old, Rebecca Pye there were many personal best times achieved.

Some of the heats were solely full of Warriors swimmers and we ended up winning a total of 78 medals, there were 30 Golds, 17 Silvers and 22 Bronze medals around the children’s neck.  For Rebecca, who is one of our club captains it was a great day as it was not only her birthday but she won gold in all of her events and she won quite a few trophies to go with those medals for the overall open winner of the events, showing the younger kids just what you can achieve.  Catherine Parker, Rebecca Pye, Rachel Heesom and Kathleen Dawson qualified for the 100m Freestyle final and at 13 Kathleen swam a fantastic 59.59 in her heat to qualify and she also won a trophy for overall open winner of the event.  They came 2nd, 4th, 7th and 1st respectively in the final. 

Brendan Spencer, our boys vice captain also made a final in the 100m Butterfly and came in 5th.  Finally, James Ross swam a brilliant 200m Breaststroke and gained a national qualifying time by one tenth of a second!!!  Nothing like cutting it fine is there James!  The second half of the competition will be on Saturday 12th February.

Apologies for the incomplete report from the L&D’s at the weekend.  I didn’t stay quite until the end thinking I would be able to get the results from the last event and the last two finals off the internet on Sunday but unfortunately Liverpool and District’s website isn’t working.  Therefore I could only report upto event 17.  I will put the results of the last event and report on the two finals in next weeks report.


Liverpool Winter Meet 2011

Once the fog had lifted in Liverpool this weekend Warriors of Warrington Swimming Club had a brilliant weekend at the 50m Liverpool Aquatics Pool.  The Liverpool Winter Meet 2011 was the first meet back after Christmas for most of the swimmers and it proved to be a tough challenge but they certainly stepped up to the blocks!

Collecting a total of 16 Gold, 17 Silver and 15 Bronze medals between them was not good enough for our lot as they went on to win Visiting Club and brought back a huge and heavy trophy for their troubles.  David Richardson in the 200 Backstroke, Aaron Hill and Aaron Kirchin Brown in the 200 Butterfly achieved NQT’s bringing the total of national qualifiers to eight so far for the club.  Individual medal winners included Aaron Hill, Aaron Kirchin Brown, Adam Ravenscroft, Adam Poole, Andrew McLay, Catherine Ross, Catherine Parker, David Richardson, Ewan Miller, Hollie Byron, Hugh Takemoto, Imogen Young, James Ross, Kathleen Dawson, Leah Evans, Michael Ross, Oliver Houghton, Rachel Heesom, Rebecca Pye, Stanley Mainwaring and William Camden. 

Outstanding performance of the weekend has to go to Aaron Hill who came 1st in his age group for all seven events that he entered earning him the Top Boy accolade in the 9 – 12 year olds category and a few quid too from the prize money.   Well done Warriors.