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Badge Gala Number 1- 4NW221331

We are thrilled to announce that Badge Galas are back!

For swimmers who have been active members for at least 3 years or more we are pleased to announce the return of Badge Galas in 2022.

For those members who have not experienced a Badge Gala before, below is a short description of what they are and why they are important for your swimmer(s):

In a nutshell, a Badge Gala is a licenced event (in other words, times achieved in races can be used to enter other future external galas) that is held 3/4 times a year at Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub and only Warriors swimmers compete. As well as striving to get the fastest times possible during races, there is also the additional benefit of swimmers achieving times that correlate to a badge (endeavour 1, endeavour 2, bronze, silver, gold, platinum) that can be purchased on the day. Previously, swimmers of all ages and squads have looked forward to badge galas as they aim to gain a time to achieve their next badge and progress through the program. As there are 3/4 badge galas per year, the strokes and distances are spread out across the meets (in other words, if you cannot find an event in this badge gala, the chances are it will be available in gala 2 or 3).

As part of your membership, Badge Galas are free to enter, with an additional cost should your swimmer be successful in achieving the relevant times for badges.

Badge Gala 1 will take place at Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub on Saturday 30th July 2022. The gala is licensed to ASA Laws and ASA Technical Rules of Swimming and is licensed by the ASA at Level 4, Licence Number 4NW221331

Warm up to be confirmed (late afternoon). All Warriors members are invited to enter in one of two ways. You can electronically complete the entry form below and send it back to homegalas@swimwarriors.org.uk. Alternatively, you can print off the entry form, complete the relevant sections and post into the post box found on the spectating balcony at Woolston. The entry system will go live on Friday 3rd June. The closing date for entries is midnight Sunday 3rd July.

Swimmers in Development Groups may only enter 25m races, whilst C squad can enter 25m & 50m races.

Please don`t forget to volunteer as we need your support for this Badge Gala to run, without your help the gala will be cancelled. There will be lots of roles needed so please do get in contact!

Please make sure you read promoters conditions before entering

Badge Gala 1 – Promoter’s Conditions

Badge Gala 1 Entry Form


For Swimmers to achieve Endeavour 1 or 2 Badges, 2 times must be achieved in each category.

Times achieved at other galas can be used to obtain badges at Warriors Badge Galas by bringing your PB sheet as proof. This can be obtained by clicking HERE to open the Individual Best Times web page and entering your Swim England number or searching by your surname. PLEASE NOTE, due to the fact it has been over 2 years since our last Badge Gala, the purchase of badges achieved in the past might be somewhat time consuming…and expensive for some swimmers!

Please note on Badge cards the required number of times to be achieved at different lengths to get your target badge.

BADGE Gala card