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Cheshire County Championships 2022

Entries are now being accepted for next years Cheshire County Champs.

In line with the recent changes to the SENW programme of events for 2022 the Cheshire County Championships programme has been expanded to include the 800m male and 1500m female reverse events.

They have also amended the consideration times and increased the qualifying time period to 2 years, this will allow times from the Championships in January 2020. However, I must stress that the championships are still subject to restrictions on pool time and the number of swimmers and personnel on poolside and these constraints may force the promoters  to reject swimmers that have achieved the consideration times.

Please be advised that these times and the programme are subject to change in response to Swim England, Government and Local Authority Regulations.

This gala will be held over 3 weekends in Macclesfield – January 22nd/23rd, January 29th/30th January and February 5th/6th.

Closing date for entries is 9pm Friday 10th December, payment to be made into our external galas account. The account number is 78987660, sort code 09-01-28, use ref CC2022 followed by the swimmer’s surname and first initial. Please email proof of payment along with entry form to – awaygalas@swimwarriors.org.uk

Late entries will not be accepted.

Meet conditions – Please take time and read carefully

Cheshire County consideration times

Cheshire County qualifying times

Cheshire County programme-of-events-amended-version-2a

Update 22/01/22

accepted-entries pages 38 to 45

Session programmes – Live Results page

Cheshire TM session 8 – 11 & Withdrawal Number

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