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Gala Information

For details of individual galas please see the Upcoming Galas menu.

Warriors of Warrington is a competitive swimming club and all members are encouraged to compete in both internal and external galas.

Click HERE for our comprehensive Guide to Galas.

If you are entering a long course gala you may use times achieved in a 25m pool, converted to 50m times and vice versa. Conversion times can be obtained from the PullBuoy or SPORTSSYSTEM websites. Also available is the SPORTSYSTEMS Equivalent Time Converter program for Windows which can be downloaded from HERE.

Please see the Competitive Gala Programme, which can be viewed from the link below, for more information about the galas that are appropriate for your level.

Please make yourself aware of the following important information which applies to all internal, external and team galas:

Upcoming Galas

Details of upcoming internal (home) and external (away) galas relevant to Warriors swimmers can be found under the Galas on the main menu. Please make sure you review this section on a regular basis to make sure you don’t miss important information regarding competitions.

A PDF document of the Competitive Program is available to view\download by clicking the link below.

If you’re not sure about which galas to enter please contact your coach. .

We run a withdrawal system for our internal badge galas. There is no need to register on arrival. You will need to contact us before 3 pm on the day of the gala if you wish to withdraw your swimmer from one or more events. Details of contact number/e-mail will be shown against each gala on the Events page in the Gala Calendar.