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Percy Mason 2018

Percy Mason Memorial Meet 2018

This Level 3 competition will take place at Orford Jubilee on Saturday 1st December afternoon/evening, and all day Sunday 2nd December, (times to be confirmed once entry numbers are confirmed).

Entry details for this year’s Percy Mason Memorial meet are now below. This gala is suitable for any member of Warriors aged 9 years and over who are not faster than the upper time limits, and is also open to any other clubs who would like to take part. Medals will be awarded to the top 6 swimmers in each age group in each event. Please read the conditions carefully before entering.

Please note, the Head Coach has said that this is a compulsory meet, with it being one of the final opportunities for swimmers to achieve there County Championship times

Entries are on a ‘first come, first served’ basis – once a session is full I will no longer be able to accept entries for that session.

The closing date for entries is Sunday 14th October

On-line entries for Warriors has now closed and any further entries have to be submitted as a paper entry.

Please volunteer to help run this gala. We need many volunteers to cover both our technical and non-technical roles and we cannot run the gala without your help. A link to register to volunteer is available on the Swim Portal or click HERE.

Guides for Warriors to enter and volunteer using the Active OME system are available HERE.

If anybody has any questions, please email – homegalas@swimwarriors.org.uk

Good luck to all swimmers, we look forward to seeing you at Orford.


Promoter Conditions Percy Mason 2018

Percy Mason Programme of Events 2018

Percy Mason 2018 Upper Time Limits

Percy Mason Level 3 Graded Meet 2018 Internal Entry Form

Update Wednesday 26th September

The list of entries from the Active OME are below, can you please check all information is correct.

Any future entries will be made using the Internal Entry Form, times must be entered.

They need to be posted in the Warriors Post Box located at Woolston Leisure Centre, along with payment method, please note that this meet is a first come first serve basis.

Don`t forget closing date is 14th October

Percy Mason online Active entries

Update Wednesday 10th October

Meet is nearly full, only a few swimmers entries left, please email homegalas@swimwarriors.org.uk  for event availability before entering

Update Wednesday 24th October

The confirmed entries for this years Percy Mason Meet are below, please make sure all of the details are correct as mistakes cannot be rectified on the day, please note I will not be able to update entry times.

warriors confirmed entries

Update Tuesday 6th November

Warm up and sessions times are below, Please note the minimal break time between sessions and the limited afternoon warm up times. This is due to the limited pool times we are able to secure.

If you wish to withdraw from any event, please email homegalas@swimwarriors.org.uk or text 07813113252. Withdrawals will be accepted until 8pm Friday 30th November. Please let us know in advance if possible as this will contribute to the smooth running of the gala. Withdrawals on the day will not be accepted, therefore we will run with empty lanes

Any Questions, please ask.

Percy Mason Warm up and Session Times 2018

Update 19th November

The list of volunteers are below, can you please check if your name is on the list and let Marie know asap whether or not you are still able to help. Please note this may change slightly for those doing the officials course

Session 1 Volunteers Percy Mason 2018                                                                         Session 1 Officials Percy Mason 2018

Session 2 Volunteers Percy Mason 2018                                                                        Session 2 Officials Percy Mason 2018

Session 3 Volunteers Percy Mason 2018                                                                        Session 3 Officials Percy Mason 2018

Session 4 Volunteers Percy Mason 2018                                                                        Session 4 Officials Percy Mason 2018