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Meet Mobile Real-Time Meet Results

For all Warriors’ galas the club uses HyTek Meet Manager software to publish live results on the Meet Mobile app. This lets parents view results as soon as possible after a heat and before the event results are printed and displayed.

Meet Mobile is available from the Apple and Android app stores and the full service is available for a low annual subscription of about £5. Meet Mobile is also used by a number of other clubs hosting external galas.

For further information click HERE.

Individual Swimmer Results

British Swimming Results & Ranking tools

To obtain Personal Best (PB) times from licensed meets use the British Swimming Results & Ranking tools. This should be used to confirm times when completing meet entry forms. Meet organisers will check entry times against ranking times and errors may lead to swimmers being rejected and no refund of entry fees.

To access the Individual Best Times tool click HERE.

To access the Results & Rankings tools click HERE.

HyTek Team Stats Online Service

Alternatively, Warriors publish results and Personal Best (PB) times for our swimmers via the HyTek Team Stats Online Service. The service allows swimmers and their parents to view and print out customised PB sheets whenever required. Please note that this service only shows times for the last 4 years.

Some Level 3 external meets (including Percy Mason) will accept non-licensed internal badge gala times. These times are included on the HyTek system but not on the British Swimming site. As this facility contains times from both internal and external gala times, please ensure you screen these appropriately.

Step by step instructions to download a swimmer’s times:

  1. Click HERE to access the HyTek Team Stats Online Service.
  2. Click on the ATHLETES box
  3. Select the first letter in the swimmer’s last name using the alphabet above the results currently displaying
  4. Find the relevant swimmer and click on the TIMES link in their row of the table
  5. Change course drop down from YARDS to SCM for 25m pool results or LCM for 50m pool results
  6. To see all results for this swimmer change fastest drop down from 1 to ALL

Please note that times may not always be up-to-date therefore it is advisable to keep a record of your best times.