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Rotherham Metro Springtime Long Course Meet – Level 3

This level 3 Long Course gala will take place at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield, on the 14th and 15th of May 2022. This meet is a long Course event, an ideal chance for those swimmers to gain experience swimming in a 50m pool.

This meet is suited to swimmers in B2 above, swimmers in C can enter but 50m events only.

As this is a first come, we need to enter asap. The closing date for entries is 9pm Monday 7th February. Please do not enter with NT – all events must have a time, if unsure please drop me an email.

As this is a Long Course Meet, times need to be converted, this is done by clicking HERE and entering your swimmers Short Course time, this is done by using the drop down menu, firstly click Short to Long Course, select event, Male/Female and then Enter Short Course Time, you then click on ASA table and the converted time will pop up, note this time will be slightly slower as your swimmer will be doing less turns.

Please read all conditions carefully before entering, making note times must not be quicker than Meet Upper Entry Times.

Rotherham Metro Spring Long Course Meet Conditions

Rotherham Springtime Meet Entry-Form LC

Please complete the entry form and email back along with proof of payment (screenshot) to – awaygalas@swimwarriors.org.uk , failure to do this will result in your entry not being processed

Bank Reference RM22- followed by the swimmer’s surname and initial.

Sort Code – 090128

Account Number – 78987660

Update 25/04/22

Accepted Entries