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Synchronised (Artistic) Swimming

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) has approved changing the name of Synchronised Swimming to Artistic Swimming.

The Warriors Synchronised Swimming (synchro) section is growing. Synchro is run by Sarah Clarke who has been brought in to continue to build up the synchro section of the club. Sarah has been involved in synchro as competitor and coach for over 25 years, is a national and international synchro official and part of the national management group for synchro in charge of Athlete development. Sarah is helped on poolside by Margaret Monks who is a  level 1 sycnrho coach and advanced assessor for the national skill levels.

About Synchro

Synchro is made up of two sections – figure and routines. Figures are short movements that are done individually in front of a panel of 5 judges and for these figures they get a mark out of 10. All figure are completed in black costumes and white hats so that all swimmers are the same.
Routines are mixture of figures, sculling, eggbeater and strokes, all put artistically to music. They are swum in solos (1 swimmer) duets (2 swimmers) or teams (4-8 swimmers) and combination teams (up to 10 swimmers).

In the UK there are two strands of synchro:

  • Recreational – where swimmers compete mainly in combination teams,
  • Competitive – where swimmers complete skill levels to be able to swim in solos duet and full teams.

Swimmers can choose which path they want to take but to compete at higher levels swimmers need to be competitive.

The Warriors are looking to start swimmers on the 5 competitive skills levels. These assessments are done at a regional location (for the Northwest this is normally at the Manchester Aquatics Centre) but swimmers can complete them outside the Northwest if they want. For each skill level the swimmers complete 12 elements in front of an assessor (from a variety of clubs) and they must get a tick for every part of that element to pass. For each level they need to pass a certain number to pass over all with an option of re-sits if they pass a certain number.
This is a very tough process and we will always try and ensure that the girls are fully ready for the process before suggesting that they enter for a level. For each skill level there is cur an entry fee.

The requirements for competitions are normally as follows;

Age group Regional comps National comps (figures and team) National comps (solos and duets)
12 & under Skill level 1 Skill level 2 Skill level 3
13/14 years Skill level 2 Skill level 3 Skill level 4
15/16/17 Skill level 3 Skill level 4 Skill level 5

For further information on synchro at the Warriors please use the form on the Contact Us page.

For further information on synchro please click HERE to visit the ASA website.