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Training Information

The Warriors Performance Pathway has been developed to allow young talented swimmers a route to achieve their full potential as a swimmer. To view the Pathway click HERE.

Warrior training is organised into squads and groups.  Progression through the squad system at Warriors and ultimately joining the prestigious National Development and National Elite squads requires three key criteria to be consistently demonstrated by our swimmers

How are Warriors Squads and Groups organised? Warriors Head Coach says, “We see the above criteria as the three essential elements of a successful swimmer with one weak area then being the reason for a swimmer not being able to reach their potential.  Possessing one or two of these criteria will mean you’re a good swimmer. Only consistently working on all three criteria will make you a great swimmer.”

Attendance is one of the most important areas for progression through the squads. This is measured by the number of hours spent each week training in the pool. Training sessions are the most important aspect of competitive swimming. Consistent training is needed to progress through the squads. Swimmers who have not met the required standard will not move through the squads.

Attitude is derived from the swimmers level of concentration within the sessions, level of motivation, willingness to take instruction and learn, level of self, discipline and self motivation and commitment and support of team goals and values.

Ability is the physical and technical ability to perform at the right level, its also the competitiveness/confidence when racing to perform. The swimmer should have the ability to cope with various circumstances, which prevail and be able to cope with those situations. Certain athletes will have more natural talent than others, but with courage and determination this will often out weigh those who have other qualities in the pool.

Click HERE to view the squad criteria for the 2019/2020 swimming season.

Click HERE to view a diagram which illustrates how Warriors training is organised and the training emphasis for each squad:

When do Warriors train?

Click HERE for the training times and locations for all the Warriors LiveWire Squads and Warriors Junior Development groups.

For information on where we swim please click HERE.

What are the target times for the squads?

These are the Target times for the various Warriors Squads. The swimmers ages will be based each year on the 31st December, the same as British National Championships.