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Wrexham 16th Spring Meet

Entries are now being accepted for this Level 2 meet which will take place in Wrexham on 4th and 5th May. This gala is suitable for all swimmers aged 9 years and over who have achieved the consideration or qualifying times at another licensed meet. Unlicensed Badge Gala times are not allowed at this meet.

Please read the conditions carefully before entering. Complete the entry form below and post in the box at Woolston together with a cheque for the full amount or proof of BACS payment. Failure to pay before the club closing date of 7pm Tuesday 19th March, may result in entries not being submitted.

Please note that there is a clash of dates with this gala and Badge Gala 3 on Saturday 4th May. If you intend to enter the Badge Gala, there is no need to enter this gala on the Saturday as well.

Please note that 800m and 1500m events are £7.50 each. All other events are £5.00 each.

WSC – Spring Meet 4+5.5.19 Gala Pack

Wrexham Entry Form


Update Saturday 6th April

Accepted and rejected (scratched) entries below. Please also see message from the organiser. I also had to reject a couple of entries as swimmers had not achieved a qualifying time. All rejections will be refunded.

16th spring meet – confirmed entries 5.4.19 (warrington)

spring meet 2019 – confirmed scratches (warrington)


We are in the process of identifying a number of ‘alternates’ for the events where we have had to make scratches. Alternates will be the fastest 2 swimmers in each age group and we will be in touch with you next week to outline if alternates have been identified from within your club and will then ask you to confirm if the swimmers wish to be confirmed as an alternate. Alternates will be used to replace any withdrawals received before or during the Meet, so we can ensure we run full heats during the 2 days.
Any problems or if you have withdrawals then please let me know as soon as possible.
As this is a 2 day Meet we need to ensure we have sufficient numbers of officials. As such we are trailing a new way of organising our officials for the Meet, using Swim Meet. The Meet has been set up at the link below and officials can register their availability there.
The link allows officials to tell us what session they are available for, put in any special requests e.g. specific jobs etc. and if for whatever reason they become unable or wish to change the session they are officiating in, they can simply go back to the link and make the change.
We are hoping this will make the process much clearer/easier for everyone.
As such please can you ensure you send the link out to officials within your club/post on the Club’s Facebook pages (if you have one) etc and ask them to register if they are planning on attending the Meet.
As outlined in the Gala Meet pack we are asking visiting clubs to provide a minimum of 2 qualified officials.
Looking forward to seeing you in May.
Thanks, Lou
Home Gala Secretary – Wrexham Swimming Club
Update Tuesday 30th April
Team Manager Rota below
Warm up, session times and important information below – please read carefully.
Don’t forget to text the Team Manager if you are going to be late or wish to withdraw from an event.
Update Friday 3rd May
Revised Team Manager Rota below