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Our Coaching Team


Antony Evitts

Head Coach

My journey in swimming started at the age of 8. I qualified for my first national championships at the age of 12, competing in 8 events making 6 age group finals ranking the top 10 in Britain. This led to me being selected for the England talent identification program. I continued yearly to qualify for the ASA Nationals and British National Swimming Championships over 7 years. I specialised in Backstroke and Butterfly throughout my swimming career with my performances peaking at the 2016 Winter and Summer National Championships where I won a silver and a bronze in the 100m Backstroke and the 50m Butterfly. In my coaching I have been selected by Lancashire, Swim Northwest, and Swim England to coach on the development camps, this was due to the development of younger swimmers at BMSS being selected onto county, regional and national standard camps giving them the support needed for great success in the future. I have also achieved a first-class honors in Sport and Exercise Science and a Masters in Sports Coaching which have allowed me to understand specific principles needed to be a successful coach. I'm now looking to make Warrington Warriors with the support of Livewire successful with achievement at National events.



Assistant Head Coach

I am an experienced swim coach with over a decade of dedicated involvement in the field.

Throughout my coaching journey, I have continually adapted and refined my approach to cater to the unique needs of each swimmer.


I prioritize creating a positive and motivating environment, getting to know the swimmer as a person as well as an athlete, and emphasizing discipline, perseverance, and goal setting to foster a strong work ethic among athletes.


My technical expertise covers stroke techniques, training methodologies, and competitive strategies.

I am adept at communicating with swimmers at all levels, providing individualized attention, and promoting teamwork within the team.


Overall, my coaching philosophy revolves around inspiring swimmers to push their limits, achieve personal bests, and develop into well-rounded individuals both in and out of the pool.




I’m Alison - the newest member of the coaching team. I have been involved in competitive swimming for 13 years, first as a swim parent and more recently as a coach.

I have my level one and two coaching certificates and I’m a qualified swim teacher.

As both a swim parent and a coach I think I bring a unique perspective to the team, I have seen some amazing highs and some big lows during those 13 years and I’m keen to use those experiences to develop and grow as a coach.

I am very technique driven and feel that all of our swimmers can all improve, none of them are the finished product.  I'm also interested in the mental strength elite swimming requires.  It’s an area of coaching that I think all of our swimmers can benefit from.

Advice for new parents & swimmers… swimming is a really tough sport. It’s not for everyone and you will make a lot of sacrifices along the way. But the rewards are huge. You will make new friends. Your work ethic will be phenomenal. Your time management will improve. Parents - these kids know they don’t have much time and so most will prioritise homework. You’ll get to travel and it will open doors you never dreamed existed. Swim hard and challenge yourselves.  


See you at the pool.




Hi, I'm Lucy, I'm thoroughly passionate about swimming and being a part of the Warrington Warriors Coaching team.


I've been teaching swimming for 22 years and I've been coaching for the last 6 years.


It's incredibly rewarding seeing the swimmers being positive, working hard and achieving. 

Coaching brings huge satisfaction when the swimmers progress, gain Personal Bests and enjoy the journey.


It's enjoyable being able to inspire and motivate the swimmers to gain excellence in and out of the pool.


There are many positives about getting involved in competitive swimming and joining the warriors. Not only will you gain incredible fitness, learn self discipline and resilience, you will also learn how to handle successes and failures and you will also become part of a team who motivate and spur each other on and develop life long friendships.


Hard work pays off are you ready for the challenge?

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