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Supporting the Club

REMEMBER – Warriors is run by VOLUNTEERS, the more help we get, the better the club, so don’t be shy!!

If you have a specific skill/ talent e.g. Keyboard skills/ fund-raising / accounting, or you just fancy getting involved, please do not hesitate to offer your services, either directly to a member of the committee or email the Secretary (

It is essential that where possible ALL parents or carers volunteer at some stage in their child’s progression through the club. Some people think that they have nothing to offer, or what they do have to offer will not be of any value to the club, when what we require mostly is just someone’s time.  


All of the tasks for volunteers are relatively simple and there will always be somebody there to show you the ropes and support you for the first couple of times you do the task.


Badge galas require a large numbers of volunteers to function, some of the tasks need some training such as time keepers and officials (courses are run occasionally through the year, (let us know if you are interested). Other tasks include :- supplying volunteers with refreshments on poolside, sitting at the door and taking admission fee’s and selling raffle tickets, being a ‘runner’, a steward or a team manager on poolside. If you have a flair on the karaoke then maybe the announcers job would suit you!

One of the first things you can do, is become a member of the club please contact to do this, you can then apply for your DBS certificate by sending your name and email address to the Welfare Officer at

Once again the club is run by volunteers, from the management to the poolside, without these dedicated people the club and the events would cease to happen. 

Get involved and support the swimmers and the club!

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