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Our Programme

The Warriors Performance Pathway has been developed in conjunction with the Livewire Development Scheme to allow young talented swimmers a route to achieve their full potential as a swimmer.   


Swimmers progression through the squad system requires three key criteria to be consistently demonstrated by our swimmers “We see the above criteria as the three essential elements of a successful swimmer with one weak area then being the reason for a swimmer not being able to reach their potential.  Possessing one or two of these criteria will mean you’re a good swimmer. Only consistently working on all three criteria will make you a great swimmer.”

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Warriors and Livewire work together to provide the best opportunities for swimmers to train and compete. 

Livewire are the training provider and responsible for all the training sessions, these are ran by Livewire staff. The sessions focus on skill development, technique and stamina. There are built around the competition cycle to ensure swimmers are at their optimum to compete at key points during the year. 

Warriors focuses on the competition element, we organise a gala calendar of internal and external swimming meets the club will support to allow swimmers the chance to compete at various levels throughout their swimming journey. The club is also part of a number of team swimming events that take place during the year. 

Warriors with the support of Livewire also offer the opportunity for swimmers to train at week long intensive training camps to supplement their training programme. 

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