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Our Syncro Team



Lead Coach

I have been involved in Artistic Swimming for over 30 years. I started as a swimmer for over 15 years competing up to National Championships and International Masters. I then turned to Coaching at and Judging that soon took over from competing.


I now am a World Aquatics Judge, National Squad team Manager/coach and Member of the Regional and National Leadership teams for Artistic swimming.


I love sharing my knowledge with the swimmers at Warriors of Warrington.




I've been a member of the Warriors Synchronised Swimming Team for almost 10 years and transitioned to become a coach recently.


I also have danced for many years and enjoy passing this knowledge to swimmers in Land training.


This squad has become such a large part of my life due to how long I've been here.


I hope the club members feel comfortable and enjoy participating just as much as I do!




Peter got involved when his granddaughters got involved in Artistic swimming 15 years ago.


Since then, he has dedicated his time to coaching and judging at both his home club of Trafford Artistic Swimming club and Warriors of Warrington.


Peter loves working with our new starters and getting to know all the swimmers.

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